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Monasteries in Attica

Monastery St. Ephraim of Mount Amomon - Nea Makri
(3 hours)

This is one of the oldest monasteries in Attica, St Ephraim of Mount Amomon, located in modern day Nea Makri. Many monks and priests remained there for long periods of time for prayer. In the days of Ottoman rule, barbarian killers came and wiped out the monastery - one of the victims was our saint Ephraim. St. Ephraim's name and biography, complete with exact dates and details, is said to have been revealed to a hermit nun in a series of divinely inspired dreams in 1950. Following these dreams, his body was discovered and was kept at the site as a holy relic, which became the object of popular veneration, as he became known as a worker of miraculous healings. A mulberry tree, believed to be that on which the saint was hanged, is today shown as an object of veneration inside the re-erected monastery.

PRICE: 80€



Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - Kleiston Filis
(3 hours)

The ancient reverend holy monastery of ''Assumption of the Virgin Mary" Kleistis-Filis is the oldest monastery in the Holy Metropolis of Attica. The monastery is built on a site distinguished for its natural beauty and wild landscape. The date of its foundation is not known. Some say it was founded when Christianity became predominant in Attica and others believe it was before the conquest. It was founded as many icons of the Virgin Mary were discovered in a monastery opposite. Up until the 1930s it was confined only to men but was afterwards opened to women. The holy monastery made a significant contribution to the Olympic Games. Crowds came to visit the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, whose feast day is celebrated on 15th August.

PRICE: 75€



Monastery St. Cyprian

(3 hours)

The monastery of St. Cyprian and Justine (followers of the old calendar) was founded in 1961. It is located approximately 2 km north of the municipality of Fills, at an altitude of 500 m.


PRICE: 75€



Full Day visit to different monasteries in the Attika region
(8 hours)

Monastery Kaisarianis
Kaisarianis Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Attica. It was founded in the second century and is built on one of the most beautiful areas of Athens, at the foot of Mount Hymettus. According to historical sources, the monastery was built on the site of a holy Roman temple. Four columns of the ancient temple have survived to this day and support the dome of the monastery's church. The monastery flourished between the end of the 12th and the beginning of 13th century AD. During the years of its economic prosperity it was a major cultural centre with a rich library and its priors were the spiritual leaders of the time. The church of the monastery, dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin, is built in the shape of a Greek cross. It is decorated with wall paintings dating from the 16th century. Surrounding the courtyard of the monastery am a mill, a bakery, a bathhouse and a refectory. On the eastern wall of the monastery you will see a fountain, whose water gushes from a marble ram's mouth. In ancient times these waters were believed to cum sterility and they are still believed to have "magical" qualities. Aped from its rich history and impressive decor, Kaisariani Monastery is also an exceptional starting point for a walk in the mountain and mom generally to experience the beauty of Attica.


Monastery Pentelis
Pentelis Monastery is one of the biggest and richest monasteries in Greece. It was founded in 1578 by Archbishop Timotheos and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. During the Ottoman occupation, the abbey constituted one of the main intellectual centres in Athens. Over the years, new buildings were added to the existing ones. Also a lot of the original buildings were restored, while certain others were rebuilt. Today, one can see the original hospital, the fountain and some of the monks. cells. Particularly impressive is the abbey is adorned with post byzantine hagiographies.

Monastery Daphni
Daphni Monastery is considered the most important Byzantine in Athens. It is situated 11 km north-west of Athens in Chaidad. The monastery was built at the site of the Sanctuary of Apollo Daphnaios, beside the holy road which leads frorn Athens to Elefsina. The temple was destroyed in 396 a.d, by the Goths. Later, when the Byzantine Emperors forbade the ancient pagan religion, the Christians occupied the site and built a church using the old temples material. They chose this particular site because it stood on the route to Eleusis, where the believers in idols continued to go to celebrate the Eleusinian Mysteries. Daphni owes part of its fame to its unique and beautiful mosaics, which were made in the 11th century AD. You can see themes the walls, the dome, the arms of the cross on the roof and in the sanctuary. Seventy six of the themes of the mosaics refer to the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary. You will also see mosaics of figures of saints and prophets. The central figure of the dome is Christ Pantocrator, inside a circle that symbolises the sky. The gold background symbolises Heaven. His face is severe as he watches the humans on earth and judges their acts. He is surrounded by Old Testament prophets. This mosaic stands half damaged on the western wall of the church. Notice especially the angel that comes down from the sky to receive the Virgins soul He is thoughtful and his hands are piously covered by a cloth.


Monastery St John the Hunter This monastery was founded in the 12th century. It is built in a beautiful location on the northern part of the hill of Immitou with a splendid view of all of Athens as well as the Mediterranean plains. Today, women are permitted at the monastery.

Monastery Asteriou The monastery of Asteriou is located in the same area as that of St John the Theologist. Historical sources say that the monastery was built in the 5th century. It is remarkable that the building structure has been maintained almost entirely and contains murals dating back to the 16th century. The monastery is considered a historical monument and visiting is permitted.
Monastery St John the Theologist This monastery is located in the Papagou region. Built on an archaeological site, today one can still see the ancient ruins. The monastery dates back to the Byzantine period (13-15 centuries). Women are permitted.

PRICE: 200€



Monastery of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou
(3 hours)

The monastery of St Peace Chrysovalantou is located in Lykovrisi, Attica and belongs to the Old Calendar. It comprises a building which occupies approximately 50 acres. It was founded and developed in the years following the civil war. Many couples who wish to have a child frequently visit this place.

PRICE: 75€


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