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Congress organization is one of the most developing and dynamic sectors for the greek touristic product (congress tourism). The last few years and mostly dew to the organization of the

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Monasteries outside Attica

N. Arkadia of/Way (Tripoli-Kastri-Astros) 

(10 hours)


The first monastery was founded in 717 B.C. It is built on the hills of Parnona, near the top of Malevou, from where it took the name Malevi. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Holy Monk, Joseph Karatzas, was responsible for the reestablishment of today’s monastery. The monk N. Terzakis lived there from 1601 to 1651 under the name Neilos, and after his death he was sainted and is celebrated on 7th May, particularly in his hometown, Agios Petros Kynoyrias, while the monastery celebrates on 12th November.


During the battle between the Greeks and the Turks in 1786, the Monastery was destroyed as the monks fought against the faithless. All monks who survived the battle of Malevi were dispersed to other monasteries.


The monastery was changed from male to female in 1949 with three nuns being sent from the monastery of Epano Chrepa. During the revolution the monastery was used as a hospital by the rebels and it was hit by the German planes. A few years later, it was destroyed by an earthquake.  Repairs began and in 1968 the chapel of St. Neilos was built.

In the monastery one can find a miraculous icon, which was painted by Evaggelistis Loukas, which from 1964 is said to have cured many patients. The miracles of the Virgin Mary at this Monastery are innumerable.


Price: 300€


Monastery of Hosios Loukas

(8 hours)


The Monastery of Hosios Loukas, one of the finest, 11th century Byzantine monuments in Greece, is set on a picturesque slope on the western foothills of Mount Helikon, near the ancient town of Steiri. The monastery’s two large churches (the Church of Panagia and the Katholikon), its Crypt, belfry, monks’ cells and other buildings, all devoted to the local, miracle-making Hosios, have a unique standing as they are considered paragons among all 11th century monuments in Greece.


For the Monastery
TICKETS: Adults: 3 Euros
Under 18: free
Winter: from 01.11.2008 to 31.03.2009 08:30-15:00
Summer daily: 08:00 - 14:00 & 16:00 - 18:00


Price: 220€


Visit to Evia, Shrine of St John of Russia and the Holy Abbey of David

(8 hours)


On arrival in Chalkida, we will visit the beautifully magnificent temple of the saint, where the holy relics of Saint John of Russia are guarded in the everlasting shrine. Following this, we will stop to eat at one of the traiditional tavernas of the region and then continue our journey to the Holy Abbey of David, near Lake Evia, where, apart from the other holy relics, we will find the holy and miraculous saint's head.


Price: 240€


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